Reprogramming Instructions

  1. Download and install the DSA Gateway Reprogramming and Diagnostic Utility.
  2. Download the Update File for the J1939 Converter Box.
  3. Connect a DSA DNet or other RP1210-compliant J1939 communication adapter between the Personal Computer and the 9-Pin Diagnostic Connector on the vehicle.
4. Launch the DSA Gateway Reprogramming and Diagnostic Utility from a Desktop Shortcut or the Start Menu.
5. Select the communication adapter you are using from the drop-down list and click the Connect button.
6. If connection to the vehicle was successful, any detected Converter Boxes will appear in the table. Select the Converter Box by clicking on the appropriate row.
7. Click the Reprogram button to select the update file and begin programming.
8. Reprogramming should begin automatically. The bar shows the reprogramming progress.
9. The reprogramming process is complete!